Annual General Meeting

Great big THANK YOU to everyone who made it to our AGM on Sept 22, 2021. We are grateful to have such a great turn out.

Annual General Meeting

We host our Annual General Meeting in September of each year. We celebrate the year’s accomplishments, report out to our members, and elect members of our Board of Directors.

Our Board Officer Roles and Responsibilities


The Chair is responsible for the management of the center in conjunction with the Director(s) and the Board of Directors.


  • Presiding over the monthly Board of Directors meetings including setting the agenda, allowing sufficient time to consider critical issues and concerns of all Board members and, where appropriate, arranging for informal meetings beforehand to enable thorough preparation for the Board discussion;
  • As the chief executive officer of the society, supervising the other officers in the execution of their duties;
  • Making decisions on behalf of the society and liaising with the Director(s) for the day-to-day running of the society on any miscellaneous decisions regarding repairs, purchases, funding approvals, etc.;
  • Through a close constructive working relationship with the Director(s), jointly developing the Society’s vision and mission, overseeing it’s implementation subject to the approval and oversight of the Board as a whole;
  • Ensuring, with the assistance of the Executive members of the Board, that the members of the Board receive accurate, timely and clear information in particular about the Society, in order to enable the Board to make sound decisions,
  • Ensuring effective communication with Society members and ensuring that the members of the Board develop an understanding of the views of other members of the Society;
  • Ensuring that succession planning for key roles within the Board is considered on a regular basis;
  • Taking principal responsibility, with the staff liaison officer for assessing the performance of the Director(s) of SJD OSC;
  • Ensuing that Board committee(s) are properly structured and all corporate governance matters are fully addressed;
  • Encouraging active engagement by all members of the Board;
  • Making staffing decisions on behalf of the Board (if required);
  • Providing continuous support for the Director(s) to allow them to do their job more efficiently;
  • Ensuring the Society is in good legal standing by remaining up to date with the requirements of the Societies Act, Employment Standards Act and other relevant legislation;
  • Supporting the Board and the Director(s) in receiving the training necessary to do their jobs.


The Vice-Chair provides general support to the Chair and is responsible for the management of the daycare in the absence of the Chair.


  • Chairing the monthly Board of Directors meetings (in absence of Chair);
  • Assisting the Chair and any other Directors as necessary;
  • Making staffing decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors (if required);
  • Making decisions on behalf of the Centre for miscellaneous repairs, purchases, etc.;
  • Preparing and coordinating the Parent Survey on a biannual basis.
  • Filling in for other officer positions as required due to unavailability


The Treasurer is responsible for the coordination of all SJD OSC finances.


  • Chairing a budget sub-committee as necessary
  • With the assistance of a professional bookkeeper and CPA-designated accountant preparing the financial statements for presentation at the regular board meetings (monthly);
  • In conjunction with budget sub-committee and bookkeeper/ accountant, preparing the annual budget;
  • Maintaining the multi-year budget forecast and measuring financial performance to budget (monthly);
  • Supporting the fundraiser in preparing and requesting government funding grants (i.e. gaming) and submitting a summary report on how the funding was used (annually);
  • Preparing various audit reports for the independent review of SJD OSC books (April);
  • Preparing financial statements for the annual report and presenting the financial portion of the annual report to the membership at the annual general meeting (September);
  • Providing ad-hoc calculations and reports for various internal and external requests;
  • Ensuring that the center maintains an appropriate financial reserve and making sure the daycare uses appropriate accounting controls and procedures;
  • Advising the board on financial implications of various decisions


The Secretary is responsible for the coordination of all Board of Directors meetings and conducting the correspondence of the Society.


  • Coordinating monthly meeting agendas, calendars and action items table;
  • Recording minutes at the Annual General Meeting and monthly meetings;
  • Tabling and distributing minutes to Board of Directors, Director(s) and SJD OSC families;
  • Coordinating the Annual General Meeting and publishing the minutes and any Annual Report;
  • With the assistance of the Director(s) filing the Annual Report with the Ministry of Finance Registries office


The Staff Liaison Officer is responsible for providing assistance and feedback to the Director and Chair where necessary for any personnel/ resourcing related issues.


  • Assist the Board Chair in completing an annual Performance Review of the Director(s);
  • Panel Liaison for new employee interviews;
  • New/revised salary structure revisions (as required);
  • Managing Director(s) contracts
  • Performance plan process review;
  • Assist the Board Chair with Staff peer evaluation of the Director(s);
  • Participate in hiring panel of Director/ Senior Educator positions (as required);
  • May assist the Director(s) in researching areas of interest related to personnel (i.e. benefits packages, salary standards, etc.);
  • Support Director(s) in issues of employee discipline (as required).
  • Overseeing and ensuring that personnel policies are followed and fairly applied;
  • Coordinating staff survey;
  • Collecting and answering suggestion box submissions;
  • Staff recognition


The Communications Officer is responsible for supporting the coordination and publication of the monthly calendar and newsletter with the directors, as well as general communication from the Board of Directors to OSC SJD families.


  • Establishing and/or maintaining online document sharing platform(s) to facilitate smooth running of the Board and centre
  • Coordinating and publishing monthly calendar and newsletter as necessary with director;
  • Assisting with communicating fundraising events, as necessary;
  • Notifying SJD OSC families of major Board of Directors decisions, e.g. fee increases
  • Generally maintaining accuracy and timeliness of on-line information;
  • Uploading monthly calendar;
  • Performing technical and computer related requests as necessary


The Fundraising Officer is responsible for organizing fundraising events and soliciting charitable donations for the Centre.  Fundraising helps to provide funds for improvements to the Centre, including new equipment and toys.


  • Planning, coordinating, advertising and implementing a few fundraising events;
  • Reporting out at Board of Directors meetings the fundraising dollars raised;
  • Assisting in requests for government funding grants;
  • Making contact with new and existing corporate sponsors to further their financial support;
  • Seeking out new funding grants and coordinating their applications, under the direction of the Treasurer