Sir James Douglas Out Of School Club

Meet Our Staff!



Andrea – Director, ECE

SJD Childcare has been my home for the past 14 years, and I became director in 2008.  I like to be outside in the sunshine discovering new places on land and in the water. I have worked with children in many environments such as an ECE program on top of Whistler Mountain to a Waldorf preschool in County Clair, Ireland. But I gotta say, SJD is the place for me!




I’ve worked at SJD school for the past 10 years. I’ve worked on call at the OSC since 2012. I work every morning with the older children in the gym.

I love kids (have 2 of my own) and I love my job. I was raised on the island in Victoria for the past 26 years and I love it here.




Hi my name is Sharon. I have worked at SJD OSC since 2003. You will often see me working in the school and as a supervisor on the playground. I love singing songs and reading with your children. I am everyone’s mom around here children and staff alike. And Andrea often refers to me as a nurse or doctor.
I live in View Royal with my husband Rob, my daughter Ariel, labradoodle Rory and parrotlet Pastel.





I’ve worked at SJD OSC since February of 2011, and you can find me in the Cool Cats room three afternoons each week. During the school day I’m an Educational/ABA Assistant at Monterey Middle School.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I’ve lived in Victoria since 1998. I love owls, am a huge bookworm and also enjoy writing, crafting, going for walks, watching movies (Star Wars and Harry Potter are some of my favourites) and spending time with my family and friends. Another favourite hobby of mine is nature photography, and I particularly love taking photos of our local barred owls.



I come from ze Montreal and speak ze French. I have been wid le OSC for many a year. I love to play wid ze children and see them in ze very early hours where they teach me as much as I teach zem. I am very happy to be a part of their lives both at OSC et dans ze school. Merci.




Michaela – Sunshine Kids Leader

I just graduated in June 2017 with a degree in Child and Youth Studies from Brock University, in Ontario. After I graduated, I decided to leave behind the cold Ontario winters, and move out here to Victoria. I am excited to see what Victoria has to offer, and love that I will be able to be outdoors year round! 



Allee – ECE

Working with children has always been my happy place.  I began working as a skating coach 9 years ago, and decided kids were my passion.  I completed my ECE, and began working at SJD Playschool in January 2017.

My motto when working with children is consistency- I say what I mean, and mean what I say.  Our preschoolers understand expectations because we are committed to building relationships based on trust, security, and genuine friendship.

I love watching children learn to do things for themselves, gain independence, and build confidence.

Cass – ECEA

I’ve always known that I would work with young children.  I began nannying in high school, and completed my coop at a daycare centre.  I was hooked.  I finished my ECEA in 2016, and began working at SJD Child Care Centre that same year.

I believe it is crucial for kids to learn that they have a voice.  Through facilitated play opportunities, I assist children in appropriately solving issues with their peers and helping them gain social confidence.

I love being there for little ones when they are needing a bit of extra care: some one-on-one time, a hug, or a story.


James – Cool Cats Leader

Hi my name’s James and I like to play games, especially active games like hockey and soccer. An interesting fact about me is I live on a boat with my dog named Skipper. I like to come up with unique activities with the children so that we are not always doing the same thing; so if you have any ideas let me know and we will see if we can make it happen. I was born and raised in Ottawa and moved here a few years ago to go to the University of Victoria, studying Recreation and Heath Education. Some hobbies of mine are I have done some stand up comedy, I enjoy puns and dad jokes, and have been learning to play the ukulele over the summer.



Wes – Sunshine Kids Leader

I’ve been living in Victoria since September 2017. I’m originally from Montreal, where I taught yoga, and worked in an out-of-school-care program for three years (at Royal Vale Elementary). I’m honored to now be a part of the SJD OSC team! I can be found playing “scary monster house” and having lunch with the Play School Kids, or playing tag and making melting beads with the Sunshine Kids. I love reading, doing yoga and learning new things, and I believe that educating children is the key to our planet’s future, so I look forward to making whatever positive impact on these little ones that I can. I’m currently studying to get my Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Curriculum.