About Us

The Out of School Club is a cooperative not-for-profit society comprised of the parents and guardians of the children who attend the Sir James Douglas Out of School Club.

The Out of School Club is run on a self-sustaining basis and governed by the a Board of Directors elected by the parents of the Club.

We believe in:

  • Providing a service for the parents of children in our program by creating a safe environment where each child is treated as an individual.
  • Working as a team with parents and teachers to nurture and guide children through their early learning years.
  • Creating a stimulating environment where children can have fun and make choices; an environment that encourages curiosity, exploration and learning but also provides space and time for individual needs, solitude and quiet.
  • Encouraging children to solve their own problems in a peaceful manner. We reinforce this by modeling such skills as communication, independence, leadership and respect for self and others. We are opposed to the use of violence as a means of problem solving and encourage problem-solving skills.

We ask that children adhere to three basic rules:

  • Take care of themselves, play safely and follow program rules.
  • Take care of and respect others, help and never hurt.
  • Take care of the world around them, look after equipment, the school, the environment, etc.

We do this to enable children to have a sense of empowerment, confidence, independence and self-esteem, knowing they have the ability to live in harmony with others.